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F*&# It – Fear

I found myself just getting fearful about starting a blog about fear. Weird. Let’s just come right out and say it, fear is a bitch. It is sneaky, powerful, master of camouflage and can hit you in an instant. At any given time you are either living in fear or love....

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Power of Equine Therapy

I grew up around horses…not on a ranch or anything like that but my dad & step mom always had them. I always loved being around them but didn’t quite know why, especially because I am crazy allergic to them. It was similar to yoga in the beginning. I would leave class...

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You don’t know what you don’t know & you don’t know what you don’t acknowledge. Have you ever worked out for a week, didn’t see any results so you stopped? Maybe you tried eating healthier? Or started some other healthy recommendation; journaling, yoga,...

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Protecting Loved Ones

This has been a sensitive topic in my life lately. I am not talking about protecting our kids, even though part of this does factor in to how we treat our kids too. I am talking about trying to protect our loved ones. My sister and I have always gone back and forth...

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Spirituality: I found mine. I was brought up Episcopalian in my mom’s home and Mormon in my dad’s. They divorced when I was three and my dad moved to AZ when I was five so it was nine months Episcopal and three months Mormon. I obviously liked being an...

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You Can Be Happy

Feeling Guilty about being Happy: The dust had settled, I was in treatment and I was starting to feel better physically. I am surrounded with like-minded people with my same issues. I am feeling connected. I am feeling okay in my skin for the first time in a long...

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