You don’t know what you don’t know & you don’t know what you don’t acknowledge. Have you ever worked out for a week, didn’t see any results so you stopped? Maybe you tried eating healthier? Or started some other healthy recommendation; journaling, yoga, meditation, morning routine, drink more water, positive mindset etc? Maybe the issue wasn’t the said healthy thing not working but you not acknowledging what things were working. We are a society of instant gratification. I am the queen of “I want it now.” My dad has told me a thousand times to “Cool it Gebe.” In early recovery, my sanity depended on noticing the small wins. My happiness depended on seeing where I was making progress; never perfection, only progress. Just acknowledging that there was no such thing as perfection was huge for me, and what a freaking relief. What a weight off my shoulders to not have to be perfect. What an ego I had to think that I could achieve perfection. I even got to see the ones striving for perfection were the sickest ones. Remember, I say this all the time, alcohol was my bonk on the head to better myself but once I got rid of the booze I was left with everything you, your neighbor, your daughter, son, uncle and mom all suffer with, the life issues. Perfectionism. Expectations. Control. Attachment. Entitlement. Low self-esteem. Ego. The list goes on. I got lucky that I got a bonk. What does your bonk need to be? Maybe you don’t even need a bonk. I’m getting off topic here…let’s get back to acknowledgment. I notice aka acknowledge small wins. All those small wins add up to a whole lot of wins. For example, I made a commitment to eat a good breakfast in the morning. After I let that one slip down the tube, I was able to acknowledge that my eyes aren’t as tired when I eat breakfast. When I eat breakfast I don’t stare off into the deep abyss for ten minutes before getting anything done on my computer. I don’t get headaches or crave coffee. If I had acknowledged those things as I was committed to eating breakfast, I would have been less likely to break. I would have felt more goodness, more gratification and continued on. I need to eat breakfast. I am going to start that tomorrow. I now have the ability to acknowledge when my old behaviors start creeping in again too. The ones listed in the first paragraph. This is probably my greatest gift of acknowledgment. This ability saves me. When I see myself getting controlling or getting frazzled when things aren’t going my way, I take a deep breath and take my will out of the situation. Thy will, not mine, be done. If I feel tightness in my chest or my jaw start to tighten, I check myself and ask why am I feeling this way. Acknowledge, see, action, feel better. Poof. Miracle worker. My recommendation is, start acknowledging your small wins and not worrying about the Super Bowl Championships. It is a long season. Take it game by game, win by win until all the sudden you are holding that giant trophy, being thrust into the air by your teammates while the crowd is screaming and chanting your name after the championship game or until you wake up and you can say, “Man I feel freaking amazing today.” Love you!