I have felt pain, anxiety, hopelessness and discomfort, just to name a few.  Now I feel, joy, gratitude, happiness, love, support, comfort, compassion and ease.  I have been able to move from those debilitating feelings and emotions and let the positive shine through.  My goal is to help as many people as possible do the same thing so they don’t have to suffer a minute longer.  Helping others helps me stay in the light so my son, Sawyer, never has to see me in that darkness. And so I never have to feel that level of darkness again.

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  Mindfulness.  Faith.  Action.  Balance.  I live mindfully so I can see where I need to insert faith, action or balance or all of the above.  I try to live and support my family in the healthiest way I can.  I am not perfect but I do try.  It all starts and ends with being mindful and listening to my body, mind & spirit.  If I am healthy I can put my best foot forward for my family & friends.


  My definition of meditation is intentionally being mindful, clearing my thoughts, following my breath and allowing my body and mind to be still for any period of time.  Boom.  Done.  This is what I do.  I may be driving.  I may be in my house.  I may be by a lake.  It doesn’t matter where or how, it matters that you do it.  I watch it work every single time I use the practice.  Patience.  Peace.  Compassion.  Kindness.  Clarity.  Enlightenment.  The list goes on and on.  Meditation is a simple practice with big results.  I hear this all the time, “I can’t meditate because I can’t shut my mind off.”  My reply, “Do you think that you could play the piano like Beethoven on your first try?”  It is called a practice for a reason.  Practice makes progress. Learn More ❯


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