The meditation studio for you.

Welcome to the safe space of Grateful Yogini.  This space is dedicated to making meditation attainable.  Specializing in mental peace, power and well-being.  Meditation brings inner power.  This is the studio to help you find your inner power in a down to earth, simple, accessible way.

Owner, Lead Instructor

Gretchen Seeck

My love of yoga started in 2002.  I loved it purely for the physical benefits.  In 2013, career, marriage, baby and life happened and threw me into a cycle of unhealthy behavior; body, mind and spirit.  I was abusing alcohol and trying to cope the best way I knew how.  I drank and I put on a smile like everything was fine, until I just couldn’t hide it anymore.  I got help and I found the mind, spirit part of yoga.  It changed my life.  This evolved into finding the real power in meditation. My purpose is to share the gift that was given to me.  My passion is to share what works for me to help others achieve peace in their own life; body, mind and spirit.  

What We Offer


15 Minute Meditation


30 Minute Meditation


60 Minute Private Yoga

Work With Me

I love what I do, and would love to share it with you. My meditation practice is where I found my power.  This power leads to peace, confidence, integrity, calm, ease, abundance.  It leads to whatever I need.  It guides me where I need to go whether I know it or not, or want it or not.  In meditation, you turn the volume down on the noise and the chaos of life.  Life will continue to happen, but it doesn’t always have to be so loud and intense.