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Welcome to the safe space of Grateful Yogini.  In this yoga studio, you are surrounded with like-minded people all trying to achieve the same goal; to become the best version of ourselves, whatever that looks like to you.

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My Journey


My love of yoga started in 2002.  I loved it purely for the physical benefits.  In 2013, career, marriage, baby and life happened and threw me into a cycle of unhealthy behavior; body, mind and spirit.  I was abusing alcohol and trying to cope the best way I knew how.  I drank and I put on a smile like everything was fine, until I just couldn’t hide it anymore.  I got help and I found the mind, spirit part of yoga.  It changed my life.  Now, my purpose is to share the gift that was given to me.  My passion is to share what works for me to help others achieve peace in their own life; body, mind and spirit.



The Real Truth

Now is the time to start your yoga and/or meditation practice.  It is never too late or too early.  You don’t have to be flexible.  Any level.  Any goal.  Any experience.  Do yoga.  Meditate.  Receive peace.  I share and teach what works for me.  I stay fit body, mind, and spirit so I can continue to evolve into the best version of myself.  In turn, all the people around me get the best version of me. Here’s what you need, get rid of expectations and preconceived notions.  Be open-minded & willing.  Done.




In a world where you can’t control much, your yoga practice is all yours.  No one can touch it.  It can develop into something very personal and precious.   The body, mind and spirit connections work together in your favor; even if your goals are merely physical you get the other two as well.  They are a package deal.  They all work harmoniously.  This is what makes yoga and meditation so life changing.



Equine Yoga


No, horses don’t do yoga. However, we do combine the amazing, healing energy of horses with yoga techniques and practices.


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