What I Offer


where can i buy augmentin online I feel that everyone should be given the gift of yoga so I teach everyone from the age of three and beyond.  Below are a few of the common types that I get to teach.  I am not limited to just those categories.  We can chat to see how we can integrate yoga and meditation into your life and needs.

My space accommodates 1-4 people.  You can come alone for personal TLC or get a group of friends together and make it a party.
Mom Yoga
I get how hard being a mom is so I tailor personal practices for beautiful moms who need a break in the action.
The impact that yoga and meditation can have on kids is immense.  So when I get to work with kiddos I jump at the chance!
Recovery/ Treatment Centers
Giving the gift of yoga in drug and alcohol abuse treatment centers is near and dear to my heart.  Yoga is so powerful when done with an open mind.  It is a way to meditate without even knowing it.
Mobile Yoga

buy cheap accutane uk I know it can be difficult to get out of the house for some “you time.”  The “you time” is still so important so I am happy to come to you. Mobile yoga is only available by referral.

Equine Yoga
No, horses don’t do yoga. However, we do combine the amazing, healing energy of horses with yoga techniques and practices.

Ready to become the best version of you?

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