For me, yoga initially began as a pursuit for fitness and health. Though the spiritual benefits of yoga were always present, I was not cognizant of them for a very long time. Eventually, my mind opened, and far greater pursuits than fitness were realized.

The Journey

It has been over thirteen years since my journey with yoga began. I always left practice feeling great, but thought it was simply a great workout. Largely, yoga existed as part of my life in this capacity for another ten years. During that time, there were practices when I shed some tears. Without understanding, I shook these isolated occurrences off, assuming it was just my “girl time,” or that I might have had other things on my mind.

Several years ago, my universe changed. I was inundated with new responsibilities and pressures that came from a new job, marriage, a baby, and the impact that these things had on family and friends. It became more and more difficult to cope with life, so I used what I knew “worked.” Most of these coping mechanisms were terribly unhealthy, and contributed to a downward spiral. A spiral in which I was losing myself.

Then I found the deeper side of yoga. The true side of yoga. The root of yoga. I found a peace that made it okay to sit and process through anger. Before this, I did not realize that for my entire life I pushed away anger; I hid it as though it was a terrible secret that could not exist.

After realizing the true benefits of yoga, and reflecting on my habits and behavior, there was a news flash: Anger does, and always will, exist and, sometimes even if you cannot justify or explain why you are angry, it is perfectly acceptable to indulge this emotion. I realized that sometimes it is okay for the perky smile on my face to be missing as long as I can come to terms with it. Not to terms with why, but with myself, as a person, a mother, a wife, a friend, and a woman. Only through the virtues that yoga brought to my life, is this something that I have been able to accomplish.

Yoga has helped me to realize that I am a truly happy person, to the very core of my being, but that happiness should shine naturally. If there is dimness one day, there is no need to hook up the KC lights and shine false or fake. Practice has helped me to accept that being a mom is freaking hard. From time to time, I am going to feel like I am failing, but at the end of the day, my heart knows better. I can say with the utmost certainty that I am a wonderful mother.

Through the spiritual health that yoga has brought, I am able to see that there is NOTHING in this world that I cannot face, process and walk through. I confidently look at challenges and tough times with an optimistic outlook. I am able to laugh and say, “Okay, universe, what are you going to teach me today?” This outlook on life has made me a better, more compassionate, enlightened human being.

The spiritual gifts that yoga brought into my life were too strong to keep to myself. Through much encouragement, support and spiritual guidance I made the decision to obtain yoga certification at Inner Vision Yoga and begin the next part of my journey by teaching. My teaching is deeper than just providing a good workout. While I can promise you that a good workout is central to what I provide, my goal is to accomplish more than that. I want to help you attain then entire package of working out body, mind and spirit.

My goal is to give you a safe, nonjudgmental, beautiful, supportive space to come and practice whatever it is you want to practice that day. After all it is your practice. I am just here to help and give you guidance based on what has worked for me. My hope is that this guidance might bring you the same spiritual enlightenment that I am now so grateful to have found.


I am certified to teach a variety of yoga styles including Yin, Ashtanga, Anusara, Iyengar and Restorative. The wonderful part is that I can customize a practice to exactly what you are seeking. Practices can also be tailored to accommodate any injuries that you might have experienced.

  • Adult:
    My space accommodates 1-4 people. You can come alone for personal TLC or get a group of friends together and make it a party.
  • Yoga for Moms:
    I understand how hard it can be as a mom. I tailor personal practices for any mom who need a break in the action.
  • Kids:
    The impact that yoga and meditation can have on kids is immense. Anytime I have the opportunity to work with kiddos I jump at the chance!
  • Recovery/Treatment Centers:
    Giving the gift of yoga in drug and alcohol abuse treatment centers is near and dear to my heart. Yoga is so powerful when done with an open mind. It is a way to meditate, whether you are cognizant of it or not. When your treatment is over I am here so you can continue with your yoga journey.